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Gulf Coast Diamond Approach Groups

Established in 1996, the Gulf Coast Diamond Approach draws students from all over the Gulf Coast region, including Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, and Tennessee. The group encourages people from surrounding states without access to teaching in their own communities to feel welcome to join this growing spiritual community.

The Gulf Coast Diamond Approach meets four to five times a year in weekend or retreat settings at sites in Houston, Chappel Hill in the Texas hill country, and other outlying retreat centers. Monthly follow-up sessions occur in Houston, Austin and Dallas, Texas. Teaching includes lectures and discussion, self- and group inquiry, meditation and work sessions designed to promote awareness, and individual sessions with the teachers.

 The group is taught by Ridhwan teachers Deborah Ussery and Morton Letofsky, who, for the past 35 years, have been students of A. Hameed Ali (A. H. Almaas, founder of the Diamond Approach). Residents of Boulder, CO, Deborah and Morton travel to Houston and Maui, Hawaii, to teach groups, work individually with students, and to train teachers in the Diamond Approach. Their Maui group has been ongoing since 1988.

 ****** Information Regarding Group Participation ******

The Gulf Coast Diamond Approach is pleased to announce a new group  that is currently open for new members.  The new group, Group 5, rotates meeting between Dallas and Houston, Texas.   For information on participation in Group 5, visit the Gulf Coast region website at or contact Annette Anderson at or ph. (214) 660-4278

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    We as humans inherently long to be free–to actualize our true human potential. Inquiry, the central practice of the Diamond Approach®, offers a powerful, dynamic doorway to a spiritually freer life. Inquiry is also crucial to our understanding of the Diamond Approach itself. This class has been taught by Diamond Approach teacher Ilene Buchalter in Colorado. ...More Info »