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Vancouver – Victoria, B.C., Canada

Teachers – John Davis and Joyce Lyke, with David Silverstein, Candace Harris, Jane Hill-Daigle and Renie Hope.

The initial Diamond Approach Vancouver group, DAV1 taught by John Davis and Joyce Lyke, began in January 2003 and was joined by DAV2 which began in 2006.  A third group, DAV3, also taught by John Davis and Joyce Lyke, began in 2009 with group teachings in Victoria, Vancouver and Seattle.  These groups are now closed to new members.  When appropriate students from these groups are invited to attend annual retreats with A.H. Almaas.

A new Diamond Approach group, VIDA (Vancouver Island/Vancouver Diamond Approach), taught by Jane Hill-Daigle and Candace Harris is now forming.
Introductory teachings are being offered in Vancouver and Victoria. Please visit the Diamond Approach North Pacific Region website for information about these events. (

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