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We are pleased to invite you to join Boston 4, a newly forming on-going Diamond Approach group based in Newton, MA. Boston 4 is a long-term group that meets five weekends per year. Our work includes teachings, meditations, movement, inquiry and discussion.

Throughout the year different teachers are offering book groups, both in person and with video conferencing.

The Diamond Approach® is a journey toward uncovering the essence of who we really are, beneath all the layers of social conditioning and cultural expectation. Its aim is to discover the deepest truth of what it means to be human.


Neal Carbon, Duncan Scribner, Leah Chyten, Andreas Mouskos


February 25-26
April 1-2
June 3-4
September 23-24
October 28-29

For more information contact:

Elizabeth Slayton
Phone: 617-515-5344
Email: easlayton@comcast.net
Website: Diamondapproachne.org