Private Work

Ridhwan Teacher/Ministers offer private (one-to-one) spiritual insight sessions as a part of the Diamond Approach teaching. Some individuals begin their journey on this spiritual path through these private sessions, and private sessions are an integral part of participating in a Diamond Approach group. The work is an investigation into your present experience to discover and make conscious how true nature is manifesting in your life.

  • If you live in the Colorado area, please contact Gwen Thornton at or 303-972-4348 about private sessions.
  • If you live in California or other areas of the United States, Canada, Europe, or Australia, please email the Ridhwan Foundation in Berkeley at with your location and interest. You will receive information about teacher availability in your area.

Due to the nature of this work, telephone sessions are usually only possible in conjunction with periodic meetings with a teacher in person, and in many areas may only be available when you are also participating in a group. The teachings of the Diamond Approach path are disseminated primarily through ongoing group meetings.

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