How To Get Involved

To be involved in an ongoing Diamond Approach group requires a significant commitment of time and energy and may involve travel if the nearest available group is not close to where you live. Most groups are located in a specific area where the participants live. Diamond Heart Programs are presented by the Ridhwan Foundation in the Berkeley, California and Boulder, Colorado areas. Other ongoing groups meet in many different locations in North America, Europe, and Australia. Diamond Heart Retreat Groups are established periodically to provide the teaching to individuals who have no local group available.

If you are interested in learning more about the Diamond Approach, there are various opportunities to get a taste of the work in a context open to the general public without the commitment of joining a group. These can be found via Public Events.

In some areas, there is also the possibility of pursuing the Diamond Approach in one-to-one guidance sessions taught by a Ridhwan teacher. See Private Work for more information.

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