Diamond Approach New Zealand

Diamond Approach New Zealand is accepting students who are sincerely interested in essential truth and self-discovery onto a waiting list. We anticipate starting an open group in 2018.

We currently offer weekly meditation meetings to all in Wellington and Auckland, which are occasionally supplemented by working through available public teachings from Hameed and Sandra Maitri.

The ongoing group is closed and meets for a week-long retreat twice a year at the Tauhara Retreat Centre in Taupo, with interim conference call meetings. Participants attend from both the North and South Islands, and from Australia.

For more information please visit: diamondapproach.co.nz
Contact Will Ogier at willogier@gmail.com
Phone 00 64 21 712176
Teacher: Christine Dveirin at cdveirin@gmail.com
Supporting Teacher: Jim McCall at jimmccall.da@gmail.com

If you are interested in individual sessions with a Diamond Approach teacher, please contact Christine Dveirin cdveirin@gmail.com for further information.