Auckland, New Zealand

Diamond Approach New Zealand is offering a series of Introductory Teachings.

Time:   Wed. Oct. 15th, 7pm – 9pm
Location:   Taitamariki Guide Hall, Auburn Reserve, Auburn St, Takapuna
Note: Auburn St is opposite Como Street, and the hall is at the very end of Auburn St.

Through history human beings have felt the need for intentional, focused work and guidance, to be able to advance beyond average human development known in most societies. Much of our human potential lies in realms not accessible or even visible to normal human consciousness. This is specifically the case for humanity’s spiritual potential: the ground of human consciousness and the source of true and lasting fulfillment, peace and liberation.– A.H. Almaas, The Unfolding Now

The ongoing group meets three times a year in Auckland with ongoing interim meetings. Participants attend from both the North and South Island. 

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Contact Suni Sharpe at 

Phone 021-533047

Teacher: Christine Dveirin at
Assisting Teacher: Lisa Barrett at