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Washington, DC Group 1

The group is now closed. For info contact Deane Shank (303) 442-8084.

Washington, DC Group 2

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  • Inquiry: Doorway To Freedom – Jacksonville, Florida

    We as humans inherently long to be free–to actualize our true human potential. Inquiry, the central practice of the Diamond Approach®, offers a powerful, dynamic doorway to a spiritually freer life. Inquiry is also crucial to our understanding of the Diamond Approach itself. This class has been taught by Diamond Approach teacher Ilene Buchalter in Colorado. ...More Info »

    Our fundamental nature is not conditioned by our history, and is beyond what our minds can conceptualize. When we wake up to the desire to know this truth of who and what we are, however, the first difficulty we often encounter is completely a product of our history, and of our usual understandings of ourselves and the world— This is the “inner judge,” ...More Info »
  • Washington, D. C. – New Group

    Our upcoming meeting February 3-5, 2017 is open to the public. Our work includes teachings, meditations, movement, inquiry and discussion. New students are welcome to join the group and if unfamiliar with the Diamond Approach, may attend a session free of charge on the evening of Friday February 3. Occasionally we hold day-long introductory workshops open to the public. ...More Info »