Boston, MA

Diamond Approach groups Boston 1/2 and Boston 3 are no longer accepting new students.
A Boston 4, Diamond Approach group has been launched and is now accepting new students.
For dates, locations and contact information for this newly launched group please visit the site and select the tab “Find an event near you”.

  • Aliveness in the Movements: Diamond Approach Five Movements Practice

    The Five Movements Practice is a way to explore the remarkable, inner landscape that lives within your body’s sensations, movements and expressions. This practice was developed out of the principles and insights of the Diamond Approach, including the understanding that your physical body is not an object you occupy but a portal to your deepest ...More Info »
  • Freedom, Ego and Inner Critic part 1

    We long for the freedom to be who we are, to discover and abide in the truth of our deeper nature. We long to live in our natural condition of dignity, integrity and truth. The greatest barrier to actualizing this potential is our identification with the ego and superego, sometimes called the inner critic. Through ...More Info »