North America

DA Public Events in North America & Hawaii

  • Inquiry: Doorway To Freedom

    We as humans inherently long to be free–to actualize our true human potential. Inquiry, the central practice of the Diamond Approach®, offers a powerful, dynamic doorway to a spiritually freer life. Whether you are new to this path or an experienced student, if you want to deepen your process of self-exploration through inquiry, this class ...More Info »
  • Book Talk & Signing

    The Alchemy of Freedom The Philosophers’ Stone and the Secrets of Existence by A. H. Almaas A. H. Almaas shows that the tremendous liberating power of the mysterious philosophers’ stone is closer to us than we realize. In fact, it is the true nature of all reality—in all times and all places, without being limited to being anything ...More Info »
  • Aliveness in the Movements: Diamond Approach Five Movements Practice

    The Five Movements Practice is a way to explore the remarkable, inner landscape that lives within your body’s sensations, movements and expressions. This practice was developed out of the principles and insights of the Diamond Approach, including the understanding that your physical body is not an object you occupy but a portal to your deepest ...More Info »
  • Inquiry: Doorway To Freedom – Jacksonville, Florida

    We as humans inherently long to be free–to actualize our true human potential. Inquiry, the central practice of the Diamond Approach®, offers a powerful, dynamic doorway to a spiritually freer life. Inquiry is also crucial to our understanding of the Diamond Approach itself. This class has been taught by Diamond Approach teacher Ilene Buchalter in Colorado. ...More Info »
  • Essential Perception: Portal To Liberation

    We as humans are blessed with the capacity to perceive with our senses: sight, sound, taste, feel, and smell. From the perspective of the Diamond Approach®, our perceptual capacity is a doorway to intimately contacting and knowing the essence of who we are. When we drop into essential perception, the whole realm of our sensory ...More Info »

    Our fundamental nature is not conditioned by our history, and is beyond what our minds can conceptualize. When we wake up to the desire to know this truth of who and what we are, however, the first difficulty we often encounter is completely a product of our history, and of our usual understandings of ourselves and the world— This is the “inner judge,” ...More Info »
  • Washington, D. C. – New Group

    Our upcoming meeting February 3-5, 2017 is open to the public. Our work includes teachings, meditations, movement, inquiry and discussion. New students are welcome to join the group and if unfamiliar with the Diamond Approach, may attend a session free of charge on the evening of Friday February 3. Occasionally we hold day-long introductory workshops open to the public. ...More Info »
  •  California Diamond Heart 10

    New group forming now in Berkeley, CA A new Diamond Heart group, California Diamond Heart 10, is now forming in the San Francisco Bay Area. For information please visit the CADH10 website: or write to Betsy at: In support for the forming of this new group, a series of experiential weekends designed to introduce the Diamond Approach work to interested ...More Info »
  • Gathering Honey: Diamond Approach® Inquiry Book Group

    The Diamond Approach method of Inquiry is both an elegantly simple practice – an open ended exploration of our immediate experience – and a richly nuanced system for inner discovery and realization. In this group, we will explore the teachings of the Diamond Approach and the practice of inquiry by reading and working with A.H. Almaas’ ...More Info »
  • Diamond Approach Meditation Retreat

    This meditation retreat is an opportunity to immerse oneself in an extended period of silent meditation informed by the Diamond Approach®. This stretch of time, unencumbered by our usual concerns, allows us to devote ourselves to practice and to invite direct contact with Being and Presence. A central principle of the Diamond Approach is that ...More Info »
  • Freedom, Ego and Inner Critic part 1

    We long for the freedom to be who we are, to discover and abide in the truth of our deeper nature. We long to live in our natural condition of dignity, integrity and truth. The greatest barrier to actualizing this potential is our identification with the ego and superego, sometimes called the inner critic. Through ...More Info »
  • Diamond Heart Retreat Group 5 – New Retreat Group – CLOSING MARCH 2017

    Retreat Start:  March 5 2017 Retreat End: March 12, 2017 Location: Guest House, 318 W Main St, Chester, CT 06412, USA Diamond Heart Retreat 5 began forming in September 2014 and will be closing just prior to the March 2017 retreat. Applications will be accepted until February 17, 2017. Contact Lynette at for more information. Diamond Heart Retreats are ...More Info »
  • Diamond Approach Amherst

    The Diamond Approach is a journey toward uncovering the essence of who we really are, beneath all the layers of social conditioning and cultural expectation. Its aim is to discover the deepest truth of what it means to be human. Through the unique practice of inquiry into our immediate experience, we come to understand the specific veils ...More Info »
  • Diamond Approach Seattle 3 – DAS3

    We are pleased to invite you to join DAS3, a newly forming on-going Diamond Approach group based in Seattle, open to students throughout the Pacific Northwest. DAS3 is a long-term group that meets five times per year taught by Candace Harris, Renie Hope and Jane Hill-Daigle, ordained teachers in the Ridhwan School. Direct and intimate contact with our immediate ...More Info »