Amsterdam, The Netherlands

There are possibilities to get envolved in the Ridhwan work through private work with ordained teachers or teachers in training. Contact for more information.


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    EINE SERIE VON ZWEI DIAMOND APPROCH® WOCHENENDEN ZUM KENNENLERNEN Hamburg, 29. – 30. OKT. 2016 „Die Arbeit mit dem ganzen Menschen, die Arbeit mit der Intelligenz des Körpers, des Herzens und des Geistes“ Hamburg, 18. – 19. FEB. 2017 „Das Persönliche, jenseits der Persönlichkeit“ Seit ewigen Zeiten hat der Mensch den Herzenswunsch sich selbst zu erkennen. Der Diamond Approach, entwickelt von Hameed ...More Info »
  • The Art of Inquiry…innere Erkundung als spiritueller Weg

    This is a group for those who are interested to learn about inquiry as spiritual practice. It is open for all, whether Ridhwan students or not. We will refer to certain chapters of the book “Spacecruiser Inquiry”. It can be read in English or German (“Forschungsreise ins innere Universum”). Meditation and body-awareness exercises will also ...More Info »
  • New Diamond Approach Group UK4

    Ridhwan United Kingdom Announcing the Fourth On-Going Diamond Approach Group. This group will meet twice a year for a week. May and December. The Diamond Approach addresses the return to our fundamental nature, the essence of what we are. Based on the work of A.H. Almaas, it bridges the traditional dichotomies of the psychological and the spiritual, ...More Info »
  • Netherlands – DAWN 2

    Cologne intro day: “Cologne introductory day: “Waking to the Mystery of Reality.” We are going to explore how we can take the mystery of spiritual unfoldment into our daily functioning. An introduction day to the new on-going Diamond Approach group DAWN 2, which will meet in the Netherlands starting April 2017. With: Philipp ...More Info »
  • Netherlands – DAWN 2 Retreats

    A second ongoing Ridhwan group,  DAWN 2 (Diamond Approach Weekend-group Netherlands) will start in April 2017, and will be taught by Diamond Approach Teachers: Elsa Teeuwen and Philipp Hasselblatt with guest teachers Language: English In 2017 the DAWN group will be meeting on 4 long weekends Dates in 2017: April 1-3 June 23-25 Sept 30- Oct. 2 Dec 15-17 The weekends will be residential (optional) and will take ...More Info »