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 Diamond Approach in Europe

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Open Groups in Europe:

DA Public Events in Europe

  • The Art of Inquiry – Hilversum, The Netherlands

    A series of ten Tuesday evenings in Hilversum, The Netherlands  The Art of Inquiry  The journey of inquiry takes us from knowledge to mystery. Our inner guidance reveals to us the truth and richness of our Being. The more it reveals the truth the more we are in touch with the mystery. – A.H. Almaas We’ll be studying specific chapters ...More Info »
  • Das Herz der Erkundung

    Ein Diamond ApproacH® SEMINAR, zugänglich für die Öffentlichkeit und Studenten der Ridhwan Schule Benediktushof, 21 – 25 SEPTEMBER 2016 Die Sehnsucht des Herzens sich selber zu erforschen und zu entdecken ist eine menschliche Erfahrung aller Zeiten. Diese Gruppe ist für die Öffentlichkeit zugänglich. Die Unterrichtssprache ist Deutsch. Die Lehrer: Christof Bosch leitet und arbeitet mit Diamond Approach Gruppen in Süddeutschland Philipp Hasselblatt leitet und ...More Info »
  • True Heart’s Desire

    A Diamond Approach weekend open to all. With Jeanne Johnson Rosenblum & Tejo Jourdan February 13th &14th 2016 Hamburg Germany In this weekend we will explore through Inquiry and the Practice of Presence  our relationship to Truth as it is now, and what it can grow to be. By investigating our love of truth through open-ended inquiry we come ...More Info »
  • SAND Italy Retreat: Exploring the Nature of Consciousness

    Science & Nonduality Retreat in Italy May 24 – May 29 2015 Consciousness is the greatest mystery ever encountered by humanity. Mystics of all traditions have described consciousness as the ground of being in which the dance of life unfolds. Each tradition has developed different approaches and practices to explore the nature of consciousness, the paths of ...More Info »
  • Netherlands: Diamond Approach Summer Practice Retreat

    The Grace of Practice – May 26 – May 30, 2016 Spiritual Practice is the foundation and core of any spiritual path; relevant for all stages of the inner journey. The Ridhwan School uses various forms of practice as guidance, orientation and support for realizing and embodying our True Nature. The soul’s potential unfolds naturally as ...More Info »

    A SERIES OF 3 DIAMOND APPROACH WEEKENDS IN LONDON Teachers: Tejo Jourdan and Rob Merkx.   Dates:  August   29th & 30th 2015:   Presence.            January  8th to 11th 2016:   The Unfolding Now.   Location: Mary Ward House, 5/7 Tavistock Place, London WC1H 9SN UK   Cost: January weekends £185 August weekend £150. Information and Registration Contact: Diane Jonas <> Note: ...More Info »

    Announcing the fourth UK residential retreat group. Teachers: Tejo Jourdan, Rob Merkx, Candace Harris, Christine Dveirin.  Dates: First retreats May 6th to 13th 2016. December 2nd to 9th 2016. With subsequent retreats twice a year. Location: Hothorpe Hall, Theddingworth, Leicestershire, LE17 6QX. UK   Early application to join this group is advised as the group may fill quickly.   For more info ...More Info »
  • The Flame: Weekend Seminar – Germany

    The Flame: Weekend Seminar   Open to public and existing students.  Taught by Tejo Jourdan and Rob Merkx in ZIST Penzberg.  May 15-17, 2015.  Friday 6:30pm until Sunday 2 pm.   Taught in English.  In this weekend we will explore our inner flame, what fans it and what damps it down. We will look at how it guides our ...More Info »
  • Personal Love Seminar: Germany

    Personal Love seminar  Taught by Rob Merkx and Tejo Jourdan, Diamond Approach teachers, in Benediktushof, Würzburg, March 25-29, 2015.  Taught in English with translation into German.  When we act according to love, in a real way, we start seeing beyond the surface.  We see beyond the forms that this life gives us.  We need love to see the ...More Info »
  • Quasar 2015: Freedom Of Unity – Breaking Down The Walls

    Quasar 2015 5-day Retreat Freedom of Unity – Breaking down the Walls – is a rare opportunity to experience the founders of the Diamond Approach®, Hameed Ali (A. H. Almaas) and Karen Johnson, who together discovered and developed the path of inner realization, known as the Diamond Approach® which is a contemporary original spiritual understanding ...More Info »