Runaway Realization


The excerpt below is taken from Hameed Ali’s newest book, Runaway Realization where he begins by asking what brings you here now.

Such a good question – any time, any place! We’ve chosen this question and Hameed’s introduction that follows, to invite you to ask yourself what you are following in your life now. What really matters and how do you find that out?

Whatever your answers and whatever brings you to be reading this, Hameed writes, here you are with him, together again or maybe for the first time.

“One way I understand what we are doing together is that you are reading and I am writing as an expression of our shared interest in and love of the truth.

As I see it, when our love of the truth becomes total, we cannot help but follow where reality leads. Reality itself begins to live our life in all of its daily expressions. Our life can become an endless revelation of reality, an adventure with neither beginning nor end.”

He goes on to write, ” …as we move toward living and expressing our realization —instead of just discovering and abiding in it—…we begin to discern new possibilities. How does reality manifest itself in action, in expression? How does realization live?”

What does it mean to follow where reality leads? For life to become an adventure without end?

One of the times we ask these questions most urgently is at life transitions, the turning points when the old assumptions about who we are and how things ought to be blow wide open and we’re ready to really look at what’s true.

On September 12, Ridhwan teacher John Davis is offering an online course on working with “Life Transitions as Doorways to Transformation.” This month, we ask John to reflect on his own life transition in encountering the Diamond Approach. You can read his interview here.