Course Overview


Course Overview

Thank you for joining us for our online course “Our Unique Path: The Foundational Practices of the Diamond Approach.”

In this live webcast for Diamond Approach students, we will explore the place, purpose, and continuing unfoldment of our foundational practices to renew our personal relationship to these modalities. With this increased understanding, we will be able to skillfully deepen the way we incorporate them, supporting and enhancing our Inner Journey and its expression in our lives.

Course Navigation

Each segment consists of the following four sections.

Week 1 Meditation   (June 19)
  • The fundamentals of meditation
  • The what, how and why of the kath mediation
  • Step-by-step guided meditation practice
  • Inquiry into your relationship with meditation
  • Overview of other Diamond Approach meditation practices
  • Continuing practices to do between course segments
Week 2 Sensing, Looking & Listening (SLL)  (June 26)
  • The fundamentals of sensing, looking and listening
  • How this practice can change your daily life
  • Guided sensing practice
  • Inquiry into our relationship to this practice
  • The relationship between SSL and Life Practice
  • Continuing practices to do between course segments
Week 3 Inquiry  (July 10)
  • Inquiry – the central practice of the Diamond Approach
  • The three centers – what each contributes
  • How inquiry develops over time
  • How to inquire alone, with others, through writing
  • Opportunity to inquire
  • Continuing practices to do between course segments
Week 4 The Whole is Greater Than the Parts – Three as One  (July 17)
  • The place each practice contributes
  • The relationship of the practices to each other
  • Inquiry into the place each has in your life and what is weak
  • Renewing dedication to each, and ways to support your weakest link(s)
  • Written materials to continually support your practices


Each segment is designed to give you practices and opportunities for engaging with your fellow course participants. The course is also designed to allow you to work at your own pace, so you can benefit just as much from the course even if you can’t participate during the live webcast.

There will be home practices given to do in-between each segment to deep your understanding and experience of each practice.


Each segment will be a live webcast with Sandra Maitri. Total time for the video segment each week will be 3 hours with time for breaks, inquiry sessions and meditation.


Each segment will have an opportunity to inquire with a partner. These exercises are designed to help you integrate the course material into your own life and experiences.

You will need to find your own inquiry partner to work with you during these sessions. Exercises will be done in dyads. You can inquire in-person, on the phone or participate over Skype. Please make arrangements with your partner before the first webcast.

If you do not know of others taking this course and need to find an inquiry partner, you can post on the Friends of the Ridhwan School & Diamond Approach page.

Working with another person doing a live inquiry is optimal. If for some reason this is not possible, you will be given the option to write your inquiry.

Typical Weekly Schedule

Although the content will vary somewhat each week and each person will move through the teachings at a different pace, the following schedule will give you a general idea of how much time to expect to spend on the course each week (if you complete the course in five weeks).

: 3 hours per week
Practices: 1 – 3 hours per week

Share Your Feedback

At the halfway point and at the close of the course we’ll ask for your feedback. It’s important to us that you are satisfied by the value the course has added to your life, and we thank you in advance for sharing your experience with us.